Chronic Absence 101

Partner Learning Series Session 3: Chronic Absence 101

January 24th | 3:30e/2:30c

Featured Presenter: Cecelia Leong, Attendance Works

This webinar session will focus on defining chronic absence and the impact on student achievement. The time will include sharing of toolkits that will be helpful to those working in schools and communities to address topics such as: Leading Attendance, Teaching Attendance, Relationships Matter, and Bringing Attendance Home.

Our Presenter, Cecelia Leong is the Associate Director for Programs at Attendance Works. Since joining Attendance Works in 2011, she has helped expand the technical assistance resources available to communities across the country. In addition to facilitating peer-to-peer sharing between researchers, practitioners and consultants through the Attendance Works Peer Learning Network, a virtual learning community with nearly 2,000 participants, Cecelia works closely with the Attendance Works team to identify emerging technical assistance needs in reducing chronic absence and creating innovative tools such as online toolkits, videos and webinars to address those needs.

Prior to joining Attendance Works, Cecelia worked for a variety of organizations that focus on district and school reform initiatives such as Pivot Learning Partners and Berkeley Policy Associates.   Cecelia has an AB from Harvard University and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley.

Update 1.26.17: To view a recording of this session, please click here.